We are committed to your legislative interests.

We define legal strategies to ensure your business and interests are recognized by decision-makers, as we perfectly know that every sector of the economy is affected by the government.

What we do?

We advise on regulatory matters, including Polish and EU laws and legislation, regulatory compliance, public affairs, and strategic policy issues involving state, national and local governments.

We identify and manage regulatory risks and opportunities to increase the business potential of our clients. We help them promote legislative initiatives, policy change, shape draft legislation and administrative proceedings.

We assist clients in the entire legislative lifecycle, from determining initial objectives to the adoption of new law, from drafting to implementation, application and enforcement. We have the true insight to guide you through the political process.

We handle challenging policy issues to help you achieve your competitive objectives in regulated sectors.

We serve private and public sector clients, business associations and chambers of commerce.

Our focus lies in the:

Our focus lies in the:

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